Former Vice-President Dan Quayle (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin

Senator Jon Kyl (AZ) – Honorary Campaign Chairman (VIDEO)

Senator John McCain (AZ) (VIDEO)

Representative Jeff Flake (AZ)

Representative Ben Quayle (AZ) (VIDEO)

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich

Mayor John Lewis (Gilbert)

Former Mayor Art Sanders (Queen Creek)

Former Mayor Jerry Brooks (Chandler)

Pat Boone

Senator Steve Yarbrough

Senator Jerry Lewis

Senator Rich Crandall

Former Senator Jonathan Paton

Former Senate President Stan Turley

Former Senator Tom Freestone

Speaker Andy Tobin

Speaker Pro Tempore Stephen Montenegro

Majority Leader Steve Court

Representative Tom Forese

Representative Javan “J.D.” Mesnard

Representative Steve Urie

Councilmember Jeff Weninger (Chandler)

Councilmember Kevin Hartke (Chandler)

Councilmember Eddie Cook (Gilbert)

Councilmember Jenn Daniels (Gilbert) (VIDEO)

Councilmember Jordan Ray (Gilbert)

Councilmember Ben Cooper (Gilbert)

Councilmember Dina Higgins (Mesa)

Former Councilmember Les Presmyk (Gilbert)

Mark and Rebecca Abbott

David and Linda Adams

Scott and Julie Adams

Lane and Trisha Adams

James and Lynne Adams

Craig and Amy Ahlstrom

Steve Allen

Clay Allen

Chris Ames (VIDEO)

Nathan and Andrea Andersen

Dale and Susan Andersen

Robyn and Devan Anderson

Steven and Micaela Anderson

Adam Armer

Kim Ball

Jeff and Susan Banker

Denny Barney

Jacob Beeson

Kevin Benson

Rosemary and Dennis Blackhurst

Fayth Boso

Dorothy Boston

Pat and Tiffany Bosworth

Brent Bowden

Frank and Debbie Breinholt

Leroy and Kelly Brienholt

Tyson Brienholt

Dave and Joanie Brown

Josh Cardon

Don Carroll

Lafe and LeAnn Carroll

David and Ann Chaffee

Ashley Chapman

Ryan Clarkson

Jeff Cooley

Jerry and Heidi Coleman

Chad and Beth Coons

Steve Cox

Heather Crawford

Dr. Russ and Sarah Crawford

Paul Crismon

Elliot Crosby

Tim Crowder

Jason Cvancara

Rich and Liz Dalton

Lee and Jenny Davis

Dr. Morgan and Suzanne Davis

Austin DeBey

Jamin and Betsy Denham

Martin Dornan Sr.

Rex and Susan Duffin

Robert and Lisa Elmer

Evelyn Ensminger

Jared and Kristin Essleman

Marshall and Collette Evans

Ross and Anita Farnsworth, Sr.

Tom and Phyllis Freestone

Carla Fritz

Lincoln and Linda Gallacher

Peter and Allison Gentala

Tom Gibson

Paul and Susan Gilbert

Jeremy and Jill Geigle

Roy and Esther Golladay

Garrett Green

Taylor and Logan Gunkel

Tom and Aleta Gunn

William and Sharon Hall

Trevor Hansen

Mark Hawkins

Reggie and Lisa Heywood

Broc and Lori Hiatt

Dr. Karl and Diana Hiatt

Michael and Christine Hitchcock

Ethel Hoffman

Joshua Hoyt (VIDEO)

Lowell Huggins

Shaun and Kathryn Jeffs

Richard Jensen

Shanna and Brian Jensen

Joel and Kristina Johnson

Mark Johnson

David and Lisa Jones

Dayle and Gwenda Jones

Marlin Jones

Stacey and Rob Jones

Bob Kampfe

Corey Kennedy

Kyle Kepner

Bevany Killpack

Sarah Knopp

Mack Komnick

Joanie Krieger

Paul and Amy Kroff

Edwin Lamoreaux

Taylor Larson

Dr. Mark Lee (VIDEO)

Kevin and Kimberly LeSueur

Larry LeSueur (VIDEO)

Jon and Emily Lindblom

Laurie Lines

Jim Lunt

Kevin Lussier

Marlene Lyons

Derek and Heather Madsen

Kim Martineau

McKay and Janalee Marriott

Jim May

John McDowell

Bob and Rae Michaud

Jason Mick

Tami Miller

Neil and Amber Moffett

Chris Montijo

Edward Moore

Sue and Glen Nelson

Russ and Mary Nielson

Bill and Ingra Norton

Douglas Norton

Kevin Norton

Amy Offen

Josh and Jenica Ostler

Collins and Linda Owens

Aaron Patten

Alexa Payne

Clay Pennington

Scott and Suzie Perkinson

Chuck and Gayla Peterson

Melody Peterson

Gilbert and Gretchen Petramalo

Ryan Porter

Dr. Ronald and Judi Price

Tim and Sharla Price

Anne-Lise Qureshi

Lisa Randall

Dallan and Bobbi Randall

Tara Ransbury

Ward and Janet Rasmussen

Janet and Oakley Ray

Ethlyn Ray

Ken and Tina Ray

Steven and Lori Rees

Jennifer Reid

Lane and Melenie Reynolds

Melissa Richards

Brian and Holly Ricks

David and Lynette Ricks

Leon and Sylvia Ricks

Holly and Jason Ricks

L. Alton Riggs

Eileen Rogers

Brenda and Art Sanders

Ryan and Karen Sandstrom

Dr. Paul and Heather Sandstrom

Amy Schad

Brandon Schmoll

Jim Schoen

Kevin Scholla

John and Adriana Schroeder

Chris Sheafe

Warren Shumway

Josh Simonton

Steve and Chris Sossaman

Clint Smith (VIDEO)

Martin and Ingrid Smith

Dawn Smith

Norm Smith

Jamie and Devin Snow

Sharon and Ray Snyder

Alan and Erica Soelberg

Glade and Carol Soelberg

David and Shelle Soelberg

Jeff Sorkness

Joy Southwell

Julie and Jeremy Spilsbury

Robert Stallings

Lisa Stevens

David Stidham

Ryan Tait

Jared and Diane Taylor

Todd Taylor

Jim Templik

Amy Terrell

Chris Tiller

Rusty and Lori Thatcher

Rhonda Trone

Mark and Shauna Tucker

Shelly Turner

Fred and Margo Treece

David and Louise Udall

Michelle and Jesse Udall

Tabitha Velasquez

Dr. Mark and Francene Waring

Chuck and Cherene Watkin

Brooke and Mike Webb

Bill Webster

Curtis and Hillary Whalen

Sam Whatcott

Jeff and Holly Whiteman

Venessa Whitener (VIDEO)

Bruce and Gail Whiting

Sherri Whiting

Mark Wiete

Deann Williams

Katherine Williams

Warren and Son Hee Williamson

Kevin Wilson

Ryan Wimmer

John and Kathy Winn

Jared Winsor

Shaela Winsor

Ryan Withrow

Walt and Lori Wood

David and Shelly Zimmerman

Walt Zimmerman

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