Job Creation/Economy

As a small business owner, I know how jobs are created and how they are destroyed by bad policies and over-regulation. As Speaker of the Arizona House, I focused on protecting small businesses, keeping government off their back so they could grow and bring more wealth and jobs to our community. In early 2011, I passed a historic jobs bill that created the largest permanent business tax cuts in Arizona history.

Government regulations and high corporate income taxes hurt America.  As a member of Congress, I will fight to cut the corporate income tax rate and make America competitive again when it comes to investment and jobs. I will be an advocate for business and job creation.


Government Spending

As the father of six children, I am acutely aware of the impact wasteful spending and the national debt will have on future generations.  As our 14. 5 trillion dollar grows each day, my children are saddled with more and more debt, and they haven’t even begun their working years. As a Congressman I will work tirelessly to ensure that our children and grandchildren do not inherit an America that is less prosperous and free than the one we inherited.

I’m a business owner. I know how to prioritize, make difficult decisions, and stick to a budget in order to remain prosperous.  As the Speaker of the Arizona House I faced a historic fiscal crisis.  When times get tough, we need to make hard choices.  We responded to our deficit by cutting government spending 30% in three years.  We did not cut spending the Washington way with tricks and gimmicks!  We made actual cuts to government spending. We successfully balanced our budget and next year we may have a surplus.


Our healthcare system must be reformed, but the president’s healthcare bill is not the answer.  Obama’s health care law takes control over health decisions away from patients and doctors—where it belongs—and puts it in the hands of federal bureaucrats and Washington politicians.  The Washington’s takeover of health care means less access to and a lower quality of care for our loved ones.  That is why I voted for the Health Care Freedom of Choice Act–to protect the sacred relationship between you and your doctor.  It is also why I voted to allow Arizona to join the lawsuit challenging the president’s healthcare bill.

When I am elected to Congress, I will work to fully repeal Obama’s health law and replace it with real reforms that maintain the high quality of care while making it more affordable, accessible, and personalized.


Family & Life

Strong families are fundamental to a strong society.  Government policies that weaken families must be repealed.  During my time in public service, I have consistently defended traditional values and fought for policies that encourage strong families.   I voted to support traditional marriage, protect parental rights, and defend the unborn.  I led successful efforts to defend important pro-life laws, like informed consent, and parental consent, from attacks by Planned Parenthood.  This victory resulted in seven Arizona Planned Parenthood clinics ceasing abortion services. As a member of Congress I will continue to protect the family and defend life.



Border Security

One of the constitutional responsibilities of the federal government is to provide national security, which includes border security. Talk about securing our border is popular during election time, but I have an actual record of accomplishment. As Speaker of the House, I passed SB 1070 and made resources available to defend it in the courts. I also championed legislation to provide resources to aid our law enforcement officers in stopping the drug cartels who smuggle people and narcotics into our nation. Border Security requires concrete action, not just campaign rhetoric.




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